Chasing My Own Tail

So I tried getting back into the superheroine story I’d started before switching directions onto the recently-released Ninja Girls story… and I’m still stuck on where to take the story.

The real question, though, is did I write myself into a hole, or am I just having a difficult time focusing right now?  I thought I’d distract myself by playing with the Twine program and possibly create some little choose-your-own-adventure type content for the site.  A nice thought, right?

Here’s the problem: my wife and I are avid board gamers, and I’m a computer programmer for my day job, so  I can’t just leave well enough alone.  So far, I’ve implemented both combat and torture models, loosely based on the old TSR Marvel Super Heroes FASERIP system.

Additionally, I’ve come up with a new villainess for our heroines that seems to be occupying my brain right now.  Add that to the various life happenings, and it seems like I’m spending a lot of energy and getting nowhere.

The goal for this year was to average at least one story per month, and I’m already behind one.  I’m hoping spring settles down a bit and the warmer weather helps focus my brain.

As always, thoughts and suggestions are welcome.


Published by

Kristoffer Wolff

Kristoffer Wolff is an author who writes action, adventure, and mystery stories featuring damsels in distress and bondage predicaments.

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