August 2017 Update

This is just a quick blog post to update you on what I’m currently working on.

Just to get myself motivated towards doing more paid work, I’m doing a rewrite and expanding the text for my story Third Time’s the Harm and am going to get it set up for sale on Smashwords.  The core plot will remain the same, but there will be much more added detail and a cover image to go along with it.  The cover is still in-progress as the artist and I go over details and final design.

Simultaneously, I am working on the plot for a full-length novel.  I’ve mentioned it before, but it will take place in a post-apocalyptic setting and be centered around a young woman trying to survive.  I’m still trying to settle on the tone for this one.  While I want it to be action-heavy, I’m debating with myself on how graphic to be with the violent scenes.  If it’s too light, then it lacks impact; if I go too far with it, then it becomes silly.

Likewise, I’m trying to work on another superheroine story for the site.  Catskratch Fevered seemed to go over well, but I’m not sure I want to write stories that explicit all the time.

Anyway, those are the three most developed ideas on my desk right now.  I’ll keep you updated as things develop.


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