Pre-Orders for WEEKEND AT BONNIE’S Now Available

In an effort to get more content out there, I took a break from working on The Degrader and did a quick expansion/reworking of my 2015 story Weekend At Bonnie’s and uploaded it to Smashwords for release on June 30, 2018.
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Cover Reveal – The Degrader #1

Being a U.S. resident, I have the privilege of having an extra day this weekend.  Because I’m a little fried for writing after a long day with family yesterday, I finished the graphic design for the cover of the superheroine story I mentioned in my last blog. Continue reading “Cover Reveal – The Degrader #1”

New Short Story Coming Soon

I’ve had to put the novel I’m working on to the back burner for the last few months due to some issues with my full-time job.  The short version is that it will be ending in three months, and I will have to start looking for work again.  While I’m not looking forward to job-hunting, it has to take top priority, and I’m having difficulty juggling that and planning out a multi-book storyline.  Continue reading “New Short Story Coming Soon”