Back on the Superheroine Track

I took a much-needed creative break for a week after the release of Ninja Girls vs. Hokaku, but have since restarted the supherheroine story that was giving me fits prior to that. So far, I’ve churned out just over 1,000 words.  While I’m not 100% certain what directions it will be taking, I’m finding the process […]

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Life-Induced Slowdowns

Due to some other pressing life matters, I didn’t get to finish the Ninja Girls story yet.  No progress was made on Friday through Sunday, and all I’ve managed to get done today is fleshing out a scene more in the middle section. The good news is that I know how the last act is […]

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Gag Talk Is Fun!

During the second act of the Ninja Girls story I’m working on, the first draft seemed to fall a bit flat.  Thankfully, I recalled some recent Tweets (embedded below) from comic book artist and Empowered creator, Adam Warren that gave me an idea on how to improve this piece of the story.

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