Now on Smashwords!

I have a new Smashwords page which will be the location of future books.   As of today, the expanded version of my Bobbi Dale story “Third Time’s the Harm” is now available as a name-your-price purchase.

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New Superheroine Story Published!

I finished and uploaded my newest story Factory of Doom to my story website.  The story centers around a reporter for a conspiracy site finding more than she bargained for, relying on the costumed vigilante Night Tiger to rescue her.  Things don’t go so well for the heroine, however, and… you’ll have to read it for yourself.

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The Formula

Sometimes when I get stuck on a story or if I have a very basic idea, I tend to resort to the standard “damsel in distress” formula in order to flesh out the basic story structure.  I forget where I originally encountered this, but it’s always served as a basic guideline for filling in the […]

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Riding the Plague Wave

…and just when you start getting the creative urge, life throws a wrench into the mix again.  I’m fighting off what appears to be pre-sinusitis symptoms right now, and cold pills are doing a number on my ability to form coherent sentences. *sigh*

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